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The Legal Firm has experience in the defense of the worker as well as the employer in litigation or labor ordinary litigation, elaborating and applying effective strategies when drafting the demands or the answers to the demands in each case, skills in the Trial Hearings with the cross-examination of Witnesses and application of the in force jurisprudence in Resources of Labor Nullity and Resources of Unification of Jurisprudence before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Legal issues

• Unjustified Layoffs
• Fundamental Rights Protection
• Job Harassment or Mobbing
• Compensation for Moral Damage
• Work Accidents
• Collective negotiation
• Reports on Law and verdicts of the “Labour Direction'”


The Juridical-Legal Counseling offered by this Law Firm, includes permanent support to the administrative and Human Resources departments of the company. That is to say, not only the lawyers of the Firm intervene in the patronage and defense of labor disputes, civil, criminal, etc., but they are available to the legal advice that the administrative staff of the company requires daily, agreeing when Is required, periodic meetings or training talks. Our challenge as a Law Firm is to provide a solid and timely response to all questions and requirements of the company at all times, with sufficient and suitable personnel.


We value the diversity of talents, knowledge and experience of our members and consider that their combination, coupled with close work with our clients, critical analysis and a practical and realistic approach to problems, contribute to finding the solution.

Nueva Las Condes Business Park / Torre Neruda

Klug & Schäffer Associates

KLUG & SCHÄFFER Associates, is formed by a team of experts in various areas of professional practice, committed to the wellbeing and interests of its clients, continuously seeking to provide value, confidence and permanence by understanding their challenges with a commercial look of the highest quality.

Our challenge in the legal counsel we offer is to seek a personalized treatment and marked by a permanent monitoring and responsibility in each case that the Legal Firm assumes its representation. The greatest professional effort of this Law Firm is to obtain the best judicial results for our clients, assuming the feasibility of the case, defining the legal strategy and theory of the case that will be applied, the estimated times of the processing of a trial, fees and associated costs in which the customer will have to incurr.


Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide an integral and efficient legal advice, through research and professionalization of a team committed to service and total customer satisfaction, which becomes a strategic partner. We base our work proposal on mutual trust, developing close and personalized relationships.

Our Vision, to be a Leading Company with committed and qualified professionals. Providing integral solutions that respond in time, quality and functionality to the present and future interests of the client. Our responsibility is to meet the highest ethical standards.


Our professionals have extensive experience in matters of high degree of complexity and exigency in each litigation.

Marcelo Ulloa Klug



Litigant of Labor Practice Area.
During his more than 20 years of professional experience he has advised companies of different types and sizes; both national and international, also interacting in the Corporative Areas and Human Resources of these companies.

Leadership skills and management of personnel, developing skills, decision-making ability and determination facing conflicts under pressure conditions.

Master in Business Law - Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez 2006-2007.

Labor Reform Postgraduate / Union Association of Labor Lawyers; Institute of Judicial Studies.

Specialization Course on Labor Reform, Universidad Del Desarrollo 2009.

Labor Relator of Rural Life Foundation of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Degree in Juridical and Social Sciences, obtaining the Lawyer Title at Universidad Del Desarrollo 1999.

Member of the Bar Association of Chile and I.A.B.A. Inter American Bar Association (U.S.A.)

Reports on Capital Magazine, and Economics and Business Magazine of El Mercurio Newspaper 2009.

Associate foreign lawyer, of Dvalor Consulting, leader in Corporate Governments, Miraflores, Lima Peru. (www.dvalor.cl)

Andrea Schäffer Inojosa

Commercial manager


Director of Accounts of the Firm.
Business Administrator, postgraduate in Leadership and Effective Communication of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Professional with experience in the commercial area, especially in leading companies of the Retail area. Expert in planning and directing sales teams with 14 years of experience, managing and creating commercial structures and marketing in national and international companies.


KLUG & SCHÄFFER Associates provides advice and defense of the rights of its clients, judicially or extrajudicially, seeking above all other considerations, to solve the problems and concerns that arise. In particular, the Law firm deals with cases and judgments in the following Law Areas:

Our areas of practice:

Civil law
Commercial law
Labor law
Criminal law
Company and corporate law
Free competition and regulated markets
Arbitration and litigation
Insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring
Local police courts


The greatest professional effort of this Law Firm is to obtain the best judicial results for our clients.


Apoquindo 3669, 15th floor, Tower Metrópolis.
Las Condes / Santiago / Chile.
Telephone: +562 2993 5303 / +562 2993 5304
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